Whit Hanschka brings a lifelong fascination with metal and fire
to his work as an artist-blacksmith. After graduating from Stanford
University with a degree in mechanical engineering, he combined
his technical skills and love of sailing to build classic wooden
boats at the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway in Vineyard
Haven, Masssachusetts. There, he also began crafting bronze
boat hardware. He later taught boatbuilding and woodworking
at the Penikese Island School in Buzzards Bay, a wilderness-
based residential program for juvenile delinquents. Looking for
ways to engage his students on an island with no electricity, he
assembled a working forge and began to learn and teach

Whit opened his own metalworking shop on Martha’s Vineyard in
1996. He specializes in custom ornamental wrought iron, bronze
and stainless steel, creating hand-forged work for architects,
builders, interior designers, landscape architects and private
clients. His commissioned work includes fireplace screens,
railings, gates, fences, architectural hardware, sign brackets,
lighting fixtures, furniture, traditional marine hardware and
specialty pieces.

His work has been published in Architectural Digest, Veranda,
Hearth & Home, Vineyard Gazette, Martha’s Vineyard Home &
Garden, Martha’s Vineyard Times and Vineyard Style, and is
featured in the book Stone by Design by Lew French. He is an
active member of the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North
America (ABANA) and New England Blacksmiths (NEB).